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Anti-Abortion Laws Megathread

Dear all,
Over the last few weeks we have seen an overwhelming number of new posts and comments around the recently passed anti-abortion laws in Alabama et al., and the growing concern of many that other conservative states in the US might follow that example.
We as moderator team want to support you in whichever way we can; and have therefore collected an overview of current options.
As a general remark, please note that none of us is omniscient, and neither are we legal experts. So please take all suggestions, advice and recommendations as a collected efforts of involved individuals.
If you find yourself pregnant and looking for advice on how to deal with it before getting an abortion, please refer to our wiki on how to deal with disclosing the fact. (Shoutout to sethra007 for the contribution on compiling the information therein).
Should you find yourself in a state where abortion has been made illegal, and you are looking to get an out-of-state abortion, it is of crucial importance not to disclose the pregnancy to anyone (let alone the father, if you are 110% sure you are on the same side - but even that is debatable). You don't want to find yourself on the receiving end of an infanticide lawsuit.
You can reach out to the Auntie Network (/auntienetwork), a group of helpers taking you to and from abortion clinics while making sure you have a 'good time' and plenty of pictures to show for on instagram with your distant aunt that you've been visiting (hence the name).
When interacting with the network, either on reddit or via facebook, please be careful and don't disclose more information than needed. Use a throwaway account, burner phones etc. - You never know to what length anti-abortionists might go to infiltrate them and cause harm to you. Stay safe out there.
Please note that we as /childfree are not directly affiliated with the sub, but strongly support their mission and have as such made the decision to ignore our own rule of not endorsing other subs. They deserve all the support they can get, and then some! The sidebar on /auntienetwork also has a great many resources on how to obtain abortion inducing pills and related items, so I won't list them out here again.
If you want to support the good fight, Imchildfree has compiled a great list of methods you can do to help in this post here that I will just copy below to have one full and conclusive resource; but please also check out the comments for some related discussions.
1.) Contact your nearest abortion clinic and volunteer to be a patient escort.
2.) Volunteer with organizations on the ground, such as Planned Parenthood and NARAL.
3.) Donate to the National Network of Abortion funds. And locate the funds that are in the states being targeted.
4.) Protest! You want to protest? There are a shit ton of legislators out there who voted for this bullshit. They own businesses, they have offices. Take a couple friends and set up a meeting. Protest the churches the plant protesters on abortion clinic sidewalks. Protest the clinics that lie to patients to talk them out of abortions.
5.) Write in Letters to the Editor! I’ve seen so many garbage anti-choice LTE’s, it’s time we turned the tide. Write in to big newspapers, small newspapers, online publications- whatever there is. Get your message out.
6.) Speak about it! We have to get rid of abortion stigma and shame. When we are willing to be vocal and stand up for reproductive autonomy, we give others the courage to do so as well. Abortion is normal. Abortion is moral. Get rid of stigmatized language.
7.) Be inclusive; it is not just women who seek out abortions. Trans men, non-binary folks, gender fluid- there are a plethora of people out there who don’t identify as women that are just as impacted by this legislation. We are all in this fight together, and we can’t leave anyone behind.
8.) Talk to your legislators, as local as they get, and make sure they are pro-choice. Every office and every candidate matters, and if they are going to shy away from abortion when they’re little, they sure as shit won’t be on your side when they move on up.
9.) Run for office. Volunteer for publicly pro-choice candidates.
10.) Volunteer to sign up people to vote.
11.) Support the people on the ground already doing the work. There are so many folks out there that have been tirelessly doing this work and their knowledge and experience is invaluable.
12.) Be patient with the frustrations of those who have been in the movement for a long time. Many of them, for years, have been screaming that this was going to happen and they needed y’all to help. Now it’s happened and it can be very frustrating to see so many folks acting surprised and NOW wanting to get involved. Give some grace.
13.) Tell your own abortion story at The 1 in 3 campaign.
14.) Research and sign online petitions to stop these bans.
15.) Check out the clinic support network.
16.) Research which politicians are passing these laws and call them out.
17.) Stock up on emergency contraception. You can get it for 11 dollars on Amazon.
18.) Thank the production companies that have boycotted Georgia. And find out what ones haven't and tell them to.
19.) If you can, have a polite dialogue with your anti choice acquaintances about how these laws are going to destroy people's lives. If you need convincing arguments for the prochoice side, here are a few: ARCC-CDAC, NBC News, The Atlantic, Project Syndicate
20.) Quit treating abortion as a tragic event. It is a common, necessary medical procedure that women need. Not everyone is traumatized by it.
21.) Keep organizations like Aid Access, that ship abortion pills to women in America, in your mind.
22.) Buy this book.
23.) Register to vote.
24.) Donate to the organization carafem that is working to build other clinics in other states across the country.
25.) Tell the people in your life to get involved.
26.) GET STERILIZED! Search the information on this site about doctors. I don't care if you are gay. I don't care if you are a man. I don't care if you are celibate. Rape happens. Women trick men into thinking they are on birth control. Accidents happen. GET STERILIZED!
27.) Tell those in your life that want to have kids to get on a form of birth control like an IUD or arm implant. These last a long time, are very effective, cannot be forgotten like the pill, and can always be taken out. And tell them to double up on birth control. Use barrier methods of birth control like condoms and diaphragms along with hormonal.
28.) Fight gerrymandering. Many of these officials are being elected this way.
29.) If you have a blog or youtube channel, make blogposts and videos about these attacks to alert people.
30.) Print and save this guide for using abortion pills. And make copies and share them.
31.) Practice self-care to avoid burnout.
32.) Realize that this fight is long term. We are not going to turn this around overnight. Start thinking of this as a years long battle.
33.) And last but not least, DON'T GIVE UP HOPE!
And as a final note:
We didn't start this thread to silence you, only to consolidate. If you still want to start your own post on a related matter, please do! /childfree is your place to rant, vent, discuss and seek for advice.
Any and all constructive posts are and will always be welcome.
Your moderator team
Edit: Cleaned up the links to increase readability.
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Wayback Wednesday - Speedy Creek

It's five days after Christmas Day, 1986. Swift Current, Saskatchewan is exactly as you would expect on that day - cold, grey and kind of dreary. Freezing rain is in the forecast, along with the strong winds that Prairie residents have spent their whole lives fighting.
A bus full of hockey players is setting off from the town's main arena, the Centennial Civic Centre. The bus makes a left, makes a right, gets onto the Trans-Canada Highway toward Regina. The players are members of the town's local junior team, the Broncos. Later that night, they'll suit up against the Pats.
There's a right curve on the highway out of town that takes you on an overpass over the Canadian Pacific Railway. On this December day, the freezing rain and cold conditions turned that overpass into an icy slip and slide, causing vehicles to carom everywhere.
The bus is travelling well below the speed limit when it first hits that icy patch. The bus starts skidding and driver Dave Archibald can't regain control. The bus is heading for an embankment. Archibald can't save it.
He turns and yells out, “Hang on!”.
The 1986-87 season was meant to be a celebratory one for Swift Current hockey fans. The city would, finally, have a major junior hockey team again. The Lethbridge Broncos were moving to town.
The problems started after the announcement. Several Lethbridge veterans refused to move or play in a town as small as Swift Current, which boasts around 15,000 people.
Once deals were made, the key players were chosen. Forward Warren Babe was supposed to help score, but he flamed out and was traded. That left the door open for others, younger players who were hungry and had something to prove.
Two of the younger players hoping to prove they belong were Trent Kresse and Scott Kruger.
For Kruger, the Broncos were a family affair. Kruger was born and raised in Swift. His younger brothers, twins Trevor and Darren, were both Broncos prospects, with Trevor playing as the team's backup goalie. His uncle Lorne Frey was the assistant coach. His mother, a local character everyone called “Fanner”, followed the team on road trips and never missed a game in Swift. Kruger even played for Swift Current's old Junior A team, the Indians, two years before, chalking up almost two assists a game.
Kresse was an older player, more experienced. The offseason before heading to Swift, he proposed to his girlfriend. They were planning a wedding for after the season ended.
One key figure, Kurt Lackten, was trying to make the best of a bad situation. When several of the Broncos' skilled older players demanded trades, some were dealt to the Calgary Wranglers. Lackten got send to Swift in the trade. A late round NHL draft pick, Lackten wanted to make his name in the junior ranks with a tough, two-way game. He became the team's captain quickly.
Another pair of skaters, Sheldon Kennedy and Joe Sakic, were both very young but showed great promise. Sakic, a skinny kid from Vancouver, was hoping to break out in his new home, while Kennedy was a player known to hockey fans in the region from his time with the Moose Jaw Warriors, only an hour down the Trans-Canada.
Kennedy's coach in Moose Jaw, Graham James, took a job with the Broncos as their head coach and GM. James instituted a fast-paced, skill-heavy game that gave his top players – including Kresse, Kruger, Sakic and Kennedy – room to breathe.
That system relied on a key element of 1980's junior hockey – the enforcer. Chris Mantyka, a tough kid with a goatee from Saskatoon, took that role and ran with it. Another player, Brent Ruff, the youngest son of a hockey family that included his brother Lindy, cut his teeth by playing fourth-line minutes and digging in the corners.
The team came together over the first 36 games and went their separate ways for Christmas. The game they were travelling to Regina for was their first one back.
In any car accident, no matter how big or small, there's a few seconds of pause between when all the chaotic movement stops and survival instincts kick in. Everyone has the same reactions, more or less – being stunned, trying to regain equilibrium, not sure if you're upside down or not.
The bus slid off the road and off the overpass after the bridge. After skidding on frozen grass, the bus hit an embankment and went flying through the air. It landed on its side, skidding to a stop in the ditch.
The chaos stopped and, when the pause ended, the commotion really began.
The first player to do anything was Lackten, who crawled out of his seat and yelled back to check who was alright. He instructed everyone to get out through the buses' windshield, cracked and destroyed in the wreck.
Once everyone who could get out got out – including James, Archibald, and both Sakic and Kennedy – players did a head count to see if everyone had made it.
They hadn't.
The players fanned out to check the scene on Lackten's instruction. One player, Tim Tisdale, was stuck in his seat inside the bus with an injured back. They pulled him outside.
A voice came from the distance. Two guys were in the ditch.
Lackten and his teammates came running. Kresse and Kruger were in the ditch. They had been in the back, not wearing their seatbelts, and were thrown from the bus when it hit the embankment.
Neither was breathing. Lackten tried CPR on both, but it was no use. Trent Kresse and Scott Kruger were both dead.
Another voice came from the bus site. Someone had heard something.
The crowd came running back to the bus and were greeted with a single, horrifying sentence.
“Get the fucking bus off of me!”
Chris Mantyka was pinned underneath.
A few of the players tried to lift the bus. It didn't budge. Mantyka was bleeding heavily and gravely injured. He died while his teammates tried to free him.
A number of motorists on the highway had pulled over to assess the situation. A few pulled U-turns and drove back to town to alert authorities. Truckers called for help on their CB radios. Some drivers took the uninjured drivers home before ambulances arrived.
One player found a leg sticking out from underneath the bus. It was Ruff. The youngster had been playing cards in the back of the bus with Kresse, Kruger and Mantyka and was also pinned beneath the bus when it crashed. There was nothing anyone could do.
In the space of ten minutes, the Swift Current Broncos went from preparing for a rivalry game to seeing four of their teammates die in front of them.
After the crash, a massive wake was planned in the team's Civic Centennial Centre. Planks of plywood were dropped over the ice to make room for thousands of chairs. The rink only officially holds 3,239 people with standing room, but you can bet more than twice as many people filed in to pay their respects.
The Kruger family made it down, too. Fate struck them an even worse hand, as earlier that week, during a private memorial service for Scott, his great-grandfather dropped to his knees and suffered a massive heart attack. He died before he could be taken out of the church.
Town officials and team organizers spoke to the throng about the four young men and who they were on and off the ice. Lackten, who had been so valiant in the moments after the crash, spoke to the crowd too, wearing his jersey with the captain's "C" on it.
"We're gonna miss them very much," he said to the onlookers, choking back tears.
There was a serious debate over whether the team should cancel the season after the accident. After all, how can you focus on hockey when you've just seen four of your closest friends die?
The crash became a turning point for Graham James. Before the crash, he was seen as an oddball, a hockey outcast who would maybe amount to being an average coach, nothing more. His actions after the accident had serious short and long-term effects.
Coach James held a player meeting in the dressing room. He asked all the team's players, one-by-one, whether they wanted to continue playing. Maybe they were still shaken up, maybe they were wanting to do what they felt honoured the four best, maybe they were intimidated by the coach asking them in front of all their teammates.
Each player voted to keep playing.
The team remained in lockstep in all decisions, most of which James himself played a big role in. Other teams offered to loan the Broncos players, but James refused the charity, instead calling up four players which the team had cut earlier in the season. The team's practice and game schedules were unchanged.
Another curious red flag was how James handled the idea of player counselling. When the coach was offered team counselling sessions for his players, he rejected the idea immediately. He said the team could handle the tragedy internally and didn't need a lot of psychologists poking around and asking the players tough questions.
Whatever the reasons were for James' decisions, the team somehow thrived. Sakic played like a man possessed after the crash, showing all the signs of the player he'd later become in Colorado. He won the WHL's Rookie of the Year award and was named his division's Player of the Year – an award that was renamed the Four Broncos Trophy after his fallen teammates.
Lackten anchored the team with his gritty two-way play, and Kennedy ended the season just as hot as Sakic. Despite every conceivable odd stacked against the Swift Current Broncos, the team made the playoffs.
The run didn't last very long – the Medicine Hat Tigers, also not far down the road from Swift, swept the Broncos in the first round, but it almost didn't matter. Somehow the team had salvaged a bright future from the darkest pit possible.
During the 1987-88 season, the Broncos were almost a team of destiny. Sakic and Kennedy led the team's top line with Peter Soberlak, a lanky scoring machine who also kicked his way through the windshield on that fateful day. Rock-solid defenseman Dan Lambert, who was playing at the World Juniors at the time of the crash, stayed on defence and formed the top pair with Bob Wilkie. Following in his footsteps, both Sakic and Kennedy played in that year's World Junior tournament.
Both of Scott Kruger's younger brothers, Trevor and Darren, both took regular shifts. Trevor became the team's starting goalie, while Darren became a one-man power-play wrecking crew on defence.
Sakic brought the team a little gift from the West Coast – his younger brother Brian, who became a key player himself. Joe, to the surprise of almost nobody, exploded again on offence, leading the WHL in scoring and getting both WHL and CHL player of the year honours.
The Broncos made it back into the playoffs, beat the Regina Pats 3-1 in the first round, but lost out to the Saskatoon Blades in the second round.
In 1988-89, Joe Sakic had left for Quebec, but Brian was still there, along with most of the cast from the season previous. A new hero emerged to help the team's cause.
Tim Tisdale, the boy from Shaunavon who grew up playing in Swift, who had hurt his back in the crash and underwent vertebrae fusion surgery afterwards, took Joe's spot and ran with it. Peter Kasowski, a top playmaker, emerged as a threat.
The Broncos packed the Civic Centennial Centre again, this time for happier reasons – they were unstoppable.
By the time the season ended, the Broncos were tops in the league, 25 points clear of any other team. The team ran train on other sides in the playoffs, sweeping Moose Jaw in the first round and sweeping Saskatoon in the second.
In the finals, Swift Current played Portland, but they weren't a capable challenge. They got swept, too.
The Swift Current Broncos won the WHL title without losing any games, a feat that had never been done before.
In two and a half years, the Swift Current Broncos went from rock bottom to cloud nine and a Memorial Cup berth.
In 1989, the Memorial Cup was not that far from Swift Current, about a five-hour bus ride away in Saskatoon in the brand new Saskatchewan Place.
Swift and S'toon would both play, along with the Peterborough Petes and the Laval Titan. Swift Current ran through both outside teams, beating the Petes 6-4 and Laval 6-5. However, the Broncos were upset by the Blades 5-4, weeks after sweeping them in the second round handily.
The fastest team in the west would need to earn their spot in the finals the hard way, facing the Petes again in a win-or-go-home semi-final. They advanced easily with a 6-2 win.
The final would be a good-ol'-fashioned Sask showdown. North vs. South. City vs. country. Underdog vs. juggernaut.
SaskPlace was packed. CTV affiliates showed the game on their air instead of the evening news. People packed into living rooms and basements, gathering around big wood-panel TVs to watch the big game.
The Broncos struck first with Sheldon Kennedy finding twine. Later, Blake Knox made it 2-0 Swift Current.
Then, things shifted. The Blades scored one goal, then added another one and fired one more past Trevor Kruger, giving Saskatoon a 3-2 lead. The Blades, on home ice with a friendly crowd, smelled blood.
A Blades victory was coming closer until a breakaway in the 3rd period. Rookie Kimbi Daniels and Kennedy went in deep. Daniels swatted one past Blade goalie Mike Greenlay and tied the game up.
The game was tied after 60 minutes. Overtime commenced.
The Blades went right back to smelling blood. They brought the puck into the Swift Current zone and fired a shot off on Trevor Kruger. Saved. A rebound. Saved.
The puck swung out again. Another save. Another one. Another one. Kruger made five saves in just under three minutes.
Finally, Swift cleared the zone. Darren Kruger took the puck through the neutral zone. He faked toward the slot, then cut fast to the outside, leaving a defenseman sprawling.
Heading into the corner, Kruger was running out of options and had to ditch the puck off. Kennedy was coming in front, with a defender draped on him. Greenlay was watching closely. Behind everybody, Tim Tisdale was standing with his stick down on the far end of the crease.
Kruger knew he'd have a hard time finding Tisdale, but if he could thread the needle and get the puck past three people, there'd be a sure goal.
Kruger rolled the dice and passed.
The puck went just off the ice. The defender didn't see it.
It whizzed past Greenlay.
It ended up on Tisdale's stick. Open net.
Tap in.
Red light. Green light.
Get the trophy. Swift Current was the officially the best junior team in the world.
The crowd went nuts. The players collapsed with relief and joy. Fans in rec rooms across Saskatchewan either jumped for joy or crumpled into the couch.
The trophy was awarded to the team, but after the high of the goal wore off and the awards were given out, the team was wiped, even sombre - almost as if they knew four guys should have been there with them.
Turns out, for at least one player on the team, there was another reason to be dour in victory.
One of the awards doled out afterwards was given out by hockey's newspaper of record, the Hockey News. It was given to Graham James. The plaque he was given had four words in black text on it - “MAN OF THE YEAR”.
NHL teams were knocking, but James, ever the situational hard-ass, stayed in the town they call “Speedy Creek.”
It could have been happily ever after for him, becoming one of those small-town hockey institutions – the guy who coached for forty years, won titles, brought up the local kids and sent them to the big time.
It wasn't like that. It would never be like that.
Throughout his tenure as a coach, even back in Moose Jaw, there had been whispers about James' personal proclivities. No proof, mind you, just chatter.
Opposing fans who knew bits and pieces – that James could be abuse, had a tumultuous personal life, oddly close relationships with current and past players – would target James and his players with taunts on the ice. Some fans chanted “James' buttboys” at the Broncos during road games.
One of the players who got this treatment the most was Sheldon Kennedy. His path through hockey was intertwined with James, ever since James first found him at a hockey camp when he was 14. It was James that signed him up with the Warriors, and who specifically picked him out when he was hired with the Broncos.
Kennedy left Swift for the Red Wings system after the Memorial Cup win, heading into the farm system. He began drinking heavily, was often injured, started falling into stronger and stronger substances.
Gradually, his professional career, one that was chock-full of potential, fell apart.
In 1996, seven years after his moment of glory in Saskatoon, Sheldon Kennedy told the public why things fell apart – that Graham James, the “Man of the Year” and junior hockey juggernaut, had repeatedly raped and abused him, and others, for years.
We now know that Sheldon Kennedy wasn't James' only victim. James had been abusing kids for years before he ever set foot on the Broncos' bench. In his early days as a substitute teacher in Winnipeg – a job that he got after apparently lying about having a teaching degree – James was in contact with children constantly. When he started coaching hockey in 1979, James' documented instances of abuse began, repeatedly abusing player Greg Gilhooly.
Once he saw Kennedy and his friend Theoren Fleury at that hockey camp, James brought both boys under his wing. He began grooming them young, saying they could become massive stars if they did everything he said. The requests got more and more intimate, and James got more and more intimidating, threatening to end the boys' careers if they stopped or told anyone.
When James became coach and GM of the Moose Jaw Warriors, he signed both Kennedy and Fleury, not solely because they were great players, but for his own twisted purposes.
Fleury stayed in Moose Jaw when James left, but when Kennedy was sent to Swift, the abuse continued. His teammates began noticing something was off. Before the crash and his death, Scott Kruger allegedly mentioned to his mother that he was very suspicious of his coach.
Another player who joined the Broncos after the Cup win, Todd Holt – coincidentally a cousin of Fleury – was also abused in Swift.
Those four names – Gilhooly, Kennedy, Fleury and Holt – are the four victims we know about. James has pled guilty to literally hundreds of instances of abuse. Two other victims have come forward but refused to give their names. There could be much more.
After his first prison sentence for his actions toward Kennedy was done, James – under a different name – was running youth hockey camps abroad. There's no telling what horror he got up to there, or in the Winnipeg education system.
The Broncos still play at the Civic Centennial Centre today. It's been renamed after a corporate sponsor – it's now the Credit Union iPlex – and the team hasn't returned to its previous highs or lows since.
The players have moved on to new lives – Kurt Lackten now flies planes for Hawaiian Airlines, while Sakic works with the Colorado Avalanche as their GM. Tim Tisdale, the Memorial Cup hero, still lives in Swift Current and goes to Broncos games all the time. Darren Kramer was a head coach in the WHL, while Kennedy spends his days advocating for abused youths and raising public awareness about James and his crimes.
Graham James is now 65 and has been prison for most of the time since Kennedy came forward. He served 18 months in jail for his abuse of Kennedy before being paroled. He was fully pardoned of his crimes by the federal government in 2007, an action that nobody knew of until one of his victims found out and leaked details to the Canadian Press.
In 2011, he pled guilty again to offences toward Fleury and another player after Fleury went public. He was eventually sentenced to five years in prison, with another two years added on later after more offences came to light.
Last year, James was granted full parole. At last check, he was working with a technology sales company in Montreal under an assumed name.
Meanwhile, not far from the overpass near Swift where that bus slid off more than 20 years ago, there's a memorial, a concrete pad with a granite four-leaf clover on it. The clover – which the team has used as a symbol and logo ever since the accident – shows the faces of Trent Kresse, Scott Kruger, Chris Mantyka and Brent Ruff.
On the back of it is a paragraph detailing the crash and what happened to the four young men.
On the bottom, in all caps, is a four-word phrase.
If you want to read more about the weird, forgotten or amazing bits of hockey history, visit our subreddit at /wayback_wednesday. You'll find dozens of articles just like this one.
We'll be back soon with another article. If you have any ideas or information for later Wayback Wednesday posts, please don't hesitate to message me or comment below. I'm never too busy to answer questions about these.
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Erich’s “What in the (cyber security) world is going on?” 03-09-17 edition

Another crazy week in the Cyberz. This is my recap of the last week worth of fun (and not) related to the world of cyber. To get updates more often, subscribe to my blog or follow me on twitter.
This has been formatted in Reddit markdown so inline images are gone. To see it in all it's glory, CLICK HERE
I'll be down by Ft. Lauderdale Thursday and Friday while speaking at the South Florida ISSA Conference. If you are around and want to meet up for a cold one, let me know.
I'm just going to start with Vault 7
I mean, really, how could I not? On Tuesday WikiLeaks dropped a bomb on the infosec world (perhaps the world in general) when they published roughly eleventy-trillion pages of data related to CIA offensive cyber capabilities. It's full of 0-days and different vulnerabilities/hack with fun little names like "SnowyOwl" and "Weeping Angel". For example, Weeping Angel can use Samsung Smart TVs to covertly record audio conversations. If/when it's confirmed that this is really a legit CIA info dump (which it appears to be), it won't be pleasant. As it is, a lot of people int he US Government are probably creating new grey hair and ulcers at this very moment. I am not going to try to analyze the whole dump, but I will say that some of this stuff is a bit spooky. Just remember, Don't Blink!
Over 1 Biiiiiiiiilion email addresses exposed by spammers misconfigured backups
Karma is a bitch. River City Media screwed up their Rsync configs and accidentally backed up their data to an internet-facing server, exposing all of the data where it was discovered by Chris Vickery, a security researcher for MacKeeper. He contacted the authorities and relevant orgs to help shut down the infrastructure. Hopefully that 1.3 billion records, some containing home addresses and IP's, don't drop in to the hands of other spamming orgs. Time will tell
TorrentLocker (aka Cryptolocker) is back and farming credentials as well.
After taking some time off, Cryptolocker appears to be back in a very aggressive campaign, and it has some new 'features'. It's sent via Word docs with a PowerShell script, infects and spreads via shared files, and it's also grabbing credentials as well. Right now it appears to be targeting Europe, especially Italy, but we need to keep our eyes open regardless of where we live.
16 Senators and Staff In Pennsylvania Locked Out Of Their Systems By Ransomware
This happened to the Pennsylvania Senate Democratic Caucus on Friday and the website is still down as of the time of this post on Wednesday evening. This can't be a fun day over there. As of Friday, Pennsylvania Democrats spokeswoman Stacey Witalec said, “At this point we are working with Microsoft to see where we’re at.”
Odds are, it was a phishing email some poor unsuspecting staffer clicked on. This is a good time to take them from unsuspecting, to a healthy level of paranoia by training them about the threat.
Dot ransomware - Coming soon to a network near you
I've mentioned Raas (Ransomware as a Service) before, but it's really starting to show some growth potential. The "Dot" RaaS strain is currently being advertised on the dark web, so we can expect to see it hitting pretty soon. This one is a zero money down, profit-sharing strain with a 50/50 split. Expect more of this sort of thing to start rolling out in the near future. If it remains profitable, it will continue to grow.
Eyes Open Aussies - ASIC phishing email is spreading Cryptolocker
It looks like it's hitting folks this morning (Monday), so keep an eye open for it. Cryptolocker attacks have been on the rise lately and are wreaking some havoc with new "features". Stay sharp out there!
Shamoon 2 May Get a Ransomware Feature and StoneDrill Hides in Memory
This is a good read from DarkReading. In summary, Shamoon was Sha-sleep for quite Shum time (You see what I did there, right?) but returned last year to harass some folks in the Middle East. It is typically deployed as data wiping malware, but it seems as if the developer realized that there can be money in adding a ransomware feature in version 2. While it's not in the wild yet, it's a lesson that malware devs are starting to see the value in coding a ransomware option in to what they are already distributing.
Also, StoneDrill is injecting itself into the memory process of the user's browser and doing a good job of ducking under sandbox radars. It appears to share code with NewsBeef and/or Charming Kitten APTs which are generally affiliated with Iranian State-Sanctioned options. Currently these are still focused on the Middle East, but it appears at least one European org has been infected with it.
Mystery Shopper Email Scams - Yeah, They Still Happen
It's important that we help educate others that these scams do still happen. Lower income, unemployed and retired people are especially prone to this sort of scam. It sounds like easy money, and even appeals to the undercover 007 type in most of us, but it can do a number on your bank account.
Key thing to remember is, if someone sends you a check and asks you to send the change, it's a scam. This doesn't matter if it's a car purchase on ebay or craigslist, or anything else, don't do it. Checks can take a long time to clear, or be found to be fake, and you are held holding the bag.
Mystery shopping is the SCAM OF THE WEEK here at KnowBe4, and there is some good info on what to look for, and something you can copy/paste for friends and family. Check it out.
W2 Scams are off the charts right now
This week was just stupid, so I'm going to just group them together
Yet Another W2 Breach - 2,400 at Autoneum North America Inc.
Sadly the Swiss company disclosed about 2,400 employees W2's to scammers. The employees were in Jeffersonville, Indiana; Oregon, Ohio; Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania; and Aiken, South Carolina; and at its North American headquarters in Farmington Hills, Michigan. At least 1 employee already found their taxes having been filed by the scammers.
Daytona State College W2 Breach
Hundreds of current and former employees could be affected by the breach, although they are being very vague on how it happened. Gee, I wonder, could it possibly be a W2 phishing scam? Go figure.
Yukon Public Schools Hit With Data Breach
And again I find myself reporting on a W2 scam. This time, It's Yukon Public Schools that fell for a phishing scam and emailed W2's to scammers. Superintendent Dr. Jason Simeroth said the email looked like it was sent from him, then later in the story it was mentioned that it was spoofed from an AOL email address. Really? AOL in this day and age? This is twice today I have heard of people using AOL email. I really thought it was dead.
Kids, today's lesson is, if you are handling sensitive information or transferring money, you might want to pick up the phone BEFORE you hit send. Just sayin.
Groton Public Schools - Yet Another W2 Scam Victim
This is really getting stupid. School after school are sending the teacher's W2 to scammers. Groton Public Schools in Connecticut is the focus of this post. You know, because teachers don't have enough to deal with, what with miniature humans eating the all of the paste and creating mayhem by the truckload.
Glastonbury, CT Public Schools Hit By W2 Scam
Another day, another district reporting a breach. This time it was Glastonbury Public Schools who did it. It was everyone but the food service personnel (the district appears to know enough NOT to mess with the folks that handle their food). How does anyone in the school systems not know about this scam already? Sheesh!
Tyler Independent School District Falls For W2 Scam
From Tyler, TX. They found out about it on Wednesday. I like that they are taking steps though, as the district said they will "continue and improve upon our information security awareness and training programs for all employees." Good, comprehensive awareness training IS how you combat this
1 Bitcoin is worth more than an ounce of gold
Pretty crazy that this unregulated vapor-currency is worth more than gold isn't it? AWESOME PICTURE
Gas Pump Tamper Alarm May Have Foiled Skimmer Install
I am glad to see the new pumps have tamper alarms and that they may actually work. This one was an issue pretty close to home in Ocala, FL.
The tamper alarm went off and the clerk checked it out, possibly spooking a few guys that were acting weird. We need more of this sort of thing happening.
#MHN, #kippo and #Dionaea still cooking along. Now to capture binaries...
So, I've been playing with Kippo and Dionaea using the Modern Honey Network (MHN) tool and having some fun with it. At this point, I'm going to reload my Kippo box at home and deploy it with Dionaea as well rather than WordPot. I like being able to see the different types of attacks on FTP and HTTP, but I'm having some trouble with the config.
Currently, FTP will make a connection, but fails to send a directory listing. Likewise, I am not capturing any binaries right now. I tried making the folder wide open (777 & nobody:nogroup) but still no luck. If you have any ideas, let me know please. I want to start playing with captures. In the meantime, my pew pew map is about done collecting sources now. Few of the attacks come from a new place now.
Pew pew map
Attacks on various services
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[Table] IAmA: Hey! We are Corey and Lori Cole, Creators of Quest for Glory, and Oded Sharon, CEO of Adventure Mob, Ask Us Anything!

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Date: 2013-11-05
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
Why do you think the adventure genre takes a backseat to most publishers? Kickstarter seems to be a way to equal this out. What do you think the publishing model will look like in 5 years? I think that Adventure Games will always be Indie. The profit margin won't be tempting for the major companies. But Crowd Funding will make sure that Adventure Games survive as an art form.
I just read that the development budget for Witcher 3 is $15 million and the marketing budget is $25 million. It's not at all clear to me that those marketing dollars are justified, but they do guarantee that people will hear about the game. Our Hero-U budget is $660K, with close to zero of that going to marketing. We'll find out next year if that's a terrible mistake and I need to come up with another $1.5M for marketing.
Maybe its better this way. I'm not sure I like what happens with huge budgets all the time anymore. We've also reached the point of seeing such good graphics that it doesnt even matter anymore. I think we're going to have a much wider variety of games available now that Indie developers can get funding.
So, what should we expect from the game itself? What style do you see it as? Also, will gameplay be better if I'm high? The gameplay tutorial Oded posted yesterday gives a pretty good indication. You can find it at Link to www.kickstarter.com I'd say the style is somewhat like a television cartoon. The scenes were based on 1970's Kingston, Jamaica photo references.
We're putting a lot of emphasis on the story, and high production values. All the artwork, including backgrounds and 2D cel animations were hand drawn. We've been doing playtests to get the kinks of out the dialogs and puzzles from an early stage of development. You can expect to experience the journey of a young boy in Trenchtown Jamaica trying to become a famous reggae musician, with fun puzzles, engaging dialogs, and Reggae music.
Hey, guys! Oded, it was really great talking to you on Facebook. When the game was announced, the Kickstarter pitch said the game would also deal with some political issues (in addition to being a jammin' good adventure). The Bolt Riley game is more of a homage to Reggie and the spirit of the Jamaican music and not about Rastafarianism. The messages of the music are about peace and love. We want to share the good feelings.
Can you elaborate on what sort of political issues Bolt might be confronted with, and how that will be juxtaposed with the light-hearted mood you're obviously going for? I'm a big fan of LGBT myself (despite being straight).
Also, when we spoke, you seemed unaware of the "(pink) elephant in the room" of Rastafarian homophobia. Have you had a chance to read up on that, and will that have any effect on the game or the aforementioned political slant? Bolt starts the game when he is in a gang of Rude Boys. He escapes this life of crime by following a path of love and harmony with his Reggae music. We want to project a positive theme or inclusiveness in this game. No matter your sexual orientation, race, color or whatever.
Cheers, man, and the best of luck! You guys deserve bounties of success and prosperity. :) As a great musician said once "One Love".
I know not everyone reads the KickstartVentures blog (blasphemy!), so I thought I'd re-ask one of the important questions from my interview. What would happen if Bolt Riley doesn't make funding through Kickstarter? The sad reality is that if Bolt Riley doesn't successfully fund raise, Adventure Mob goes bankrupt on Dec 31st 2013.
There's no second chances. There's no plan B. This will be the end. All our technology, artwork, drawings, design, all the hard work Corey and Lori did. Everything get thrown out and erased from existence.
Did you hear that, people? Go out and pledge! NOW! Exactly Serana.
Hey Oded, I've read that Bolt Riley is developed in Unity and will be available on loads of different platforms. What are some of the difficulties in developing cross platform games? Hey Rodik! I've learned a few lessons from having Star Shipping Inc made for almost every platform that Unity supports. one is optimization. Mobile has a lot of memory limitations. We had to use texture compression packing and such. Then there's some issues with features that are supported on some platforms but not the rest (like playing video files on mobile) Then there's different platform API's, like GameCenter on iOS. We test the game on every platform early on in the development. The game itself plays pretty similarly on each with differences in interface and control.. Unity is wonderful in that sense.
How will you make sure that the game plays well on various platforms? Unity works very well for cross-platform games, as long as you consider the differences in interfaces right from the start.
This one's for Oded. With so many projects backed, which one(s) are you looking forward to the most? I also have two kids. I won't tell you which is my favorite. I've now backed over 150. It's hard for me to choose only one.
All the adventure games. Double fine, Space Ventures, Hero-U Of course. Broken sword, mage's initiation, city quest, quest for infamy. i'm sure i'm forgetting a few good ones.
I actually got a few of the ones I was looking for. OUYA, and Oculus Rift, no doubt i backed a LOT there. I really enjoyed Trial of the Clone, and i didn't get time to get into To Be or not To Be.
Lemme see (going over KS profile page)
I'm waiting for Veronica Mars. I baked a few for joke, but i really liked them. Open source death start. Old man eating eggs in 3D.
I got a few that I didn't have time for yet.
I'll back the $10k if someone makes a kickstarter for a time machine.
I've received several that I haven't had time to play. Just got my copy of Neocolonialism. I spent about 5 minutes each with that and LSL:R. Never got around to playing the Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective modules I got last year as part of my Shadowgate support. Project Eternity and Broken Age will surely be fun, if I ever find time to play either of them.
Heh. I don't blame you for not naming a favorite. I'm the same way. Too many I'm looking forward to. Which one is your favorite? I knew i forgot some :)
Hey guys! Just wanted to say thank you so much for making the amazing QfG games. Hero's Quest and QfG II were pretty much my most played games back in the day. While I know it was all an illusion now, I was convinced you could get into all the houses in the town of Spielburg. To my 9 year old eyes, there was a whole world of loot to be stolen, if only I could get my lockpicking just a little... bit... higher... While I loved the QfG games, I always felt like the fighting sequences were the weakest parts. Was this down to the engine, or simple priorities? Can you talk a little bit about that side of things? In QfG, we wanted to make a fighting system that was Skill Based rather than twitch based. We experimented with the look and feel with every game. I liked game four's "Street Fighter" style of combat best. I'm not a twitch game player, but the game gave me enough warning and feedback to be successful at it. Alas, few of the fans agreed with me. We plan to do extensive playtesting on the combat system (for Hero-U). It is very difficult to balance one for all player types - Some will work hard to bring up their skills, while some will use stealth to avoid most combats. We don't want to punish either play style.
Can you talk about how you got involved with Replay? I've met Replay in GDC April 2011 when I was still running Corbomite. I learned they had licensed Leisure Suit Larry for distribution on intel Atom/Appup. Shortly following I founded Adventure Mob to start making adventure games starting with Bolt and Larry. We built the Larry demo for them (Link to leftybar.com which they used to get the full remake license from Codemasters. Long story short. Fast forward two years, despite our hard work and efforts, Larry didn't happen for us, we're hoping Bolt does.
Was 9/11 an inside job? I don't know. I'm more interested in 4/20 right now :)
I do have a funny story about working at a software company and knew something was wrong when the most reliable thing in the internet world at the time stop working and that was "ping cnn.com"
Are you holding development on the actual game engine until the native 2D tools get released for Unity 4.3, sharing in what Lori and Corey already worked to get right, or facilitating the 3D directly? Chapter 1 is fully developed and in Alpha. We used Sprite manager 2 and EZGui on Unity 3.0. We're not waiting for any native tools. However, for chapter 3 (or 2) we might want to rewrite portions of the engine to switch between EZGui to NGUI and from SM2 to native. no point in that nowthough. We are facilitating 3D for a bunch of stuff. If you look at the game play video you can see it when the camera zooms in on Bolt. It also is very nice to play the game with the Oculus VR glasses on (YES! I have that prototype!) because it's actually layered in 3D!
Hey Oded, How many copies of Pizza Morgana were ever sold? A few dozens thousands copies were sold. Many many more pirated. There were some sites that you could play and pay per minute, so it was played more. The demo was downloaded I think a few hundred thousands times.
How many people payed in advance for two episodes and are still waiting for episode 2? Only a handful bought the entire season, I've refunded some of the people who did, and some people suggested that their purchase remain as a donation. I'm hoping to finish that series one day. Who knows. Next kickstarter?
Seriously? A few dozen thousands? It is not a $19.99 game. Only a handful of people bought the entire season. The game made a few thousand dollars the most, over the span of 5 years or so.
So, if buy few you mean atleast 1, for 19.99 USD a copy that means you made 240,000 USD in revenue. Or if by "few" you mean 2, that makes your revenue 480,000 USD. If it was such a huge success, what's the sense in not producing an episode 2 yet? The first episode game sells for 2.99 in most portals, some sites it was 0.99. I got 30c per copy or even less.. minus portals affiliate marketing fees. Minus 5% tax.
I agree, it should be doing much better, and people have negative feelings about... certain parties. I really hope things liven up. How can you not trust Oded and the Coles? I think that there was a 'gold-rush mentality' last year when all the Adventure Games hit Kickstarter and everyone supported them. The Kickstarter Adventure Gamers Group were awesome - we never would have funded without them. Now, people are much more selective about their choices. And they don't have bottomless wallets. :-(
I realize that there is a certain technical and artistic aspect in creating any sort of game. With this there have to be compromises made to meet artistic vision vs realistic technical possibilities. There is always the looming problem of feature creep as well. With this being said what type of vacuum cleaner do you use at home or the office? We use a few precautions to fit project scale to the budget. First, we try and design it to the budget while takes some slack into account. We don't want to make a game that's way beyond our capabilities, budget wise. We had a lot of planning, knew how much each resource cost like backgrounds, and animations and characters, and set those number in our budget and told the designers - You have 15 scenes to design. And we can make and animate 15 characters. They designed the game to fit to those limitations. Then we adapt according to progress, that's the producer's job.
Given you can always make a better, more expensive game that fits your wild imagination, but we try to stay humble and be realistic when designing the game.
Vaccum: Dyson. He made a lot of failed prototypes before he got it right. I've made a lot of games before Bolt Riley.
Oded, after Bolt Riley has been produced, would you consider making the world's first Krautrock adventure game? I'm not sure i'm a big fan of Krautrock. I actually had an idea to make a Polka Adventure about Weird Al Yancovik!
Ohh, ah! That would be awesome, Oded. We can all drag out the accordions and play along with the game. When you come to Israel!
You realize Wierd Al would totally do that for dirt cheap, right? Because he's Wierd Al. Little known connection - Both Lori and Oded play accordion, as of course does Weird Al.
Why am I not surprised that you guys play the accordian :) Note that I don't play the accordion, just guitar. I think The Music Man was big when Lori was growing up, so her parents bought her accordion lessons. My brother plays multiple instruments - fiddle, autoharp, pennywhistles, recorder. Lori and I both sing in a local choral group - She's a first soprano, I'm a baritone who sometimes pretends to be a tenor and sometimes a bass (no baritone parts in most choral music).
Thank you for putting out the favorite games of my youth. So You Want To Be A Hero and Wages of War were so much fun to play through over and over. I think my single favorite joke was the "Pop-ulation explosion". Do you plan to bring similar humor to Hero-U? I'm trying to balance the humor in Hero-U. There will definitely be humor, and undoubtedly some puns, but I want to keep them from being too distracting. The underlying story is very serious. Of course, that was true in Quest for Glory also, so let's just say I'm trying to be a shade more subtle, but I still love wordplay. :-)
With a name like Rogue to Redemption, a character named Shawn O'Conner, and a teaser trailer with Mr. Bun E. Slippers, can there be any doubt that humor will be an important part of Hero-U? We love pun-ishing our fans.
I'll have to try it. Have you ever looked at the remake for QfGII? I didn't see if you were involved in it. I just couldn't get the original version to be enjoyable after playing the others. The Trial by Fire Remake was great. The only part they didn't get right (from my point of view) was the combat system philosophy that combat needed to be fun, exciting, and easy to learn. Corey kept getting killed trying to survive outside of town.
Other than that, AGDI did a marvelous job turning a parser-based game into point and click. (I personally can't stand parser games)
one here, huh? Well, I'll start us off by linking an interview I did with Oded: Link to www.kickstartadventure.com. That was a fun interview to do Serena! Thanks!
Point-and-click is boring! "Sierra games" were never the same after Sierra made the switch. Will you please make an adventure game with a text parser? Yes, we lost a great deal of difficulty and challenge when Adventure Games moved to 'Point and Click', but there is such a thing as too much frustration to interfere with the game's fun.
Allright Oded, what are your top 10 reggae albums? I'm not sure about Albums, because I like individual songs. Obviously a LOT of Marley: Jamming. One Love. Get Up Stand Up. Three Little Birds. Then , Eric Clapton's "I shot the sherrif". (and not Bob Marley's original version) i surprisingly discovered this when i was working on Bolt Riley, i always thought it was Marley. I like the song "I don't like Reggae, I love it". Do the soundstrack of Monkey Island count?
Speaking of "I Shot The Sherriff" This was the premise of chapter 4 or 5. I was talking to Dave Gilbert to design it, where the Riley had to stop a heist in a radio station where some band members take hostages so a DJ would play the band songs and Riley is stuck in this situation. I envisioned it as a film noir episode like Dave knows to write best.
Hello my friends. You know you have all my well wishes and I have probably exhausted Lori and Corey with questions by now already. But I think a good question for all of you would be, how do you feel about the remote business model for creating things like games vs the traditional brick-and-mortar approach? Currently I work in the latter, and only have a glimpse of the pros and cons of using modern web technologies to replace physical *presence. Are there added obstacles, anything that is better, things of that nature? A remote business model is very difficult to manage. Most people don't have the self-discipline to set themselves reasonable work habits, present company accounted for.. Traditional work places give better structure, support, and feedback for the creative workers. I think the web makes working remotely wonderful. While we had big offices and most of the team were sitting together, a few members of our team were all around the world. Our offices were in Herzliya, Israel. We had people work from Haifa, Jerusalem, Tel-aviv all cities in Israel then one designer in Brussels, Belgium and the Coles in Oakhurst, California. My previous game Star Shipping Inc. was developed entirely remotely when me and Oran Bar-Tal were sitting at our own desks at home, I'm coding, he's making artwork, and we were on an open skype call for hours with screensharing. felt like we were siting next to each other honestly. We'd each say hello to our respective wives when they walked by.
No worries. Just trying to help before people start wandering in asking these questions. We're sent moderators proof ahead of time that it was us. Hope Corey's problem is solved soon.
I can't decide which of QFG2 or QFG4 are my favorite. Which one is yours? You can answer too Lori and Corey. Mine will always be QG4. It was the game I wanted to make right from the start. Gothic Horror, movie tropes, Vampires, and a love story... it had it all. (Including 70 million bugs...)
Hi Oded, this adventure concept just SCREAMS Bob Marley! Have you thought about contacting them to get an even bigger spotlight on your game? Yes, we have. Long story...
Oh do tell... I can't actually go to a lot of details, but the publisher we worked with originally had some deep ties to Reggae music and part of the reason we started working on this game. They had licensed other IPs which we were hoping to work on. Sadly they aren't in business any more - they were trying to raise money from a big VC and the founder poured his own fortune into the company, when the VC didn't invest, the guy lost his money and the company shut down and they lost the IP's and we lost our publisher.
I can't wait to see it. Folks were talking about trust earlier here. For most KS's I try to give generously to support these great games. For you two, I pulled out the stops and fired all the boilers! You earned my trust years ago. And Oded, well, how can you not love Oded? Trust is a contract that must be continually renewed. It's the faith of the fans that inflames our passion for making our games the best we can create.
I've personally did not get paid in the majority of the past 7 years. All my income from most projects usually goes to the company's account and that's used to make games. I'm lucky to have a wife with a full time job supporting me and the kids, but it's getting harder by the day.
Hi Oded, best wishes from Berlin! Hope you are doing well my friend. Just curious about how you and Lori + Corey joint for this nice project? Best, Tom. Hey Tom! Good to hear from you. I got an introduction to the Coles by our mutual friend Noah Falstien, who I wrote when i was looking for designers to make Bolt Riley. And like you said, the word on Bolt was a ... "Joint effort".. hehe.
What's the password? Swordfish! It's always "swordfish".
Boxers or briefs? Inquiring minds want to know! Is commando an option too? :) Actually mine is briefs.
Adventure Mob did a great job with the demo. It sucked to hear they were dropped for N-Fusion. :)
With Unity, Linux publishing is a breeze. The Universal Binary + data just runs. There's no emulator setup. And then you can get your game added to the Ubuntu Software Center if you decide. Yes, I promised a Linux build for some of our backers, knowing it should be straightforward. I'm slightly more concerned about iPad and Android builds, as we will have to adjust the user interface to play well on mobile devices. Those are also price-sensitive markets, which is a problem because we don't want to cannibalize our PC/Mac/Linux sales by offering cheaper versions on mobile. Maybe I'll just wait six months or a year before doing those ports.
I think we're going to have a much wider variety of games available now that Indie developers can get funding. I agree with Lori. Kickstarter have opened a new era for game creators. Because adventure games are such a niche, it's nearly impossible to get funding otherwise. Publishers have the alternatives of investing pittance in F2P casual games and get in millions in revenue. A lot of the market is going to those match candy crush type games, and publishers nowadays don't care about old school premium games as much.
The big AAA publishers have budgets (and incomes) of dozens of millions of dollars. a $500k production is not a good business investment if it will only break even. (which is the reality of our market, sadly).
Not so much a question, but a thank you: As a kid I always was interested in Greek mythology, and Quest for Glory V was one of the first games I ever bought. Enjoyed it thoroughly, so thank you! You're welcome and thank you! :-) Lori and I both grew up reading mythology books, so it was natural to incorporate that background into our games. We tried to be true to each culture the player visits.
I would assume getting high would probably always improve gameplay, unless it's Amnesia :( Hehe, that's funny. wait. what was the question? i forgot. ahhh... Does Reddit IAmA are better when you're stoned?
Thanks for your answer. I definitely wouldn't want such a dicey subject to overshadow that message of unification. Thanks for elaborating on the political issues. :) Again, my very best of luck with the Kickstarter! My pleasure! and thanks for asking.
I'm not surprised by that. It's very bad in Jamaica for LGBT people. But I'm amazed that Rastafarians in particular would suffer that. It's hard for anyone in Jamaica. As a result, tribes form. Tribes form by defining themselves. Anyone who isn't a member of the tribe is an outsider and put down.
It's hard for anyone in Jamaica. As a result, tribes form. Tribes form by defining themselves. Anyone who isn't a member of the tribe is an outsider and put down. Sadly, LGBT people will always be the scapegoats and the outsiders in a community that defines itself by excluding others.
I have replayed the Quest for Glory series more times than I can remember. I don't have a question. I just want to thank you for creating a series that has had a tremendous impact on me throughout the years. I can still load up QFG1 and get that warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Thanks, Adrocknola. We believe that games should be fun and meaningful.
You guys rock. Quest for glory series is no doubt the game i've clocked most hours in playing. I had to get all my stats to the maximum. form 100 to 500. In each type of character. And i had to upgrade to Paladin from each of the options. So add that..
Hello all! BigD (Doug) here. Sorry I've been so quiet. I have a parade of students in and out my door! I am very excited about Bolt Riley. Here's a thought, I'll tell every student that comes in for a pledge to BR, I'll give them one answer! Yay, BigD! We've got some nice artwork for your Wing in Hero-U. I'm going to set up a pdf Artbook "Big D's Hall of Heroes" or something similar when the game releases for you to enjoy all the preliminary artwork and the final art. But I'll save it until you get the fun of seeing it in the game.
That's a good idea... especially if you then give them answers such as, "Type enter curtain or walk through curtain, not just go North". Or "Dwarves like to read magazines when they go on break". Nice cryptic clues to games few have played in decades. :-)
You don't want to know how much us hardcore fans gave. It would blow your minds! Well, it's safe to say that the developers give even more. As backers, we open our purses and hearts. As project creators, we have to open our veins. Games are made of blood, sweat, tears, and brain tissue. (Eww, sorry, that all sounds really gross. :-))
Ken sent me. ;) Schwertfisch.
Schwertfisch. ¡Espadarte!
I'm not sure i'm a big fan of Krautrock. I actually had an idea to make a Polka Adventure about Weird Al Yancovik! Ohh, ah! That would be awesome, Oded. We can all drag out the accordions and play along with the game.
Little known connection - Both Lori and Oded play accordion, as of course does Weird Al. A few years back i made a game called "Accordion Hero" which you use a real toy accordion as a controller: Link to www.flickr.com
I haven't had a chance to look at anything for Hero-U yet, I'm at work and this is the first I've heard of it. I will be checking it out for sure once I'm home. In many ways, the games we make are homages to many of the icons and experiences of our lives. The Marx Brothers, Sanford and Sons, Boris Karlov, and above all, Peter Lorre are all timeless. This is a way to make sure that they will never be forgotten.
I didn't realize that the bazaar in Wages of War was a nod to Sanford and Son until years after I played the game, I love all the hidden jokes that come out each time I replay your games. Mind you, most of the references and tributes to characters in our games are from before OUR time, too. We're not that ancient... yet.
I can't wait to find more of these references, I'll have to replay through QfG I-IV, I never got V to work very well. Shadows of Darkness was the richest in cultural references since it pulled from every classic horror riff we loved. Okay, so it didn't have mummies or zombies, but they wouldn't have fit in with the setting.
A remote business model is very difficult to manage. Most people don't have the self-discipline to set themselves reasonable work habits, present company accounted for.. Traditional work places give better structure, support, and feedback for the creative workers. That being said, I'd still rather work in a remote business than a standard one. I'm too much of a contrarion to deal with arbitrary deadlines, specific work hours, and bosses.
Hey Tom! Good to hear from you. I got an introduction to the Coles by our mutual friend Noah Falstien, who I wrote when i was looking for designers to make Bolt Riley. And like you said, the word on Bolt was a ... "Joint effort".. hehe. Not that any actual joints were involved - Besides that it's hard to pass one across several thousand miles, Lori and I are very boring that way. Our high school / college introductions to weed only made us sleepy, so we live boring sober lifestyles.
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IQ Option Affiliate Program is the best binary options affiliate program that you can promote without any hesitation. It provides you 50% lifetime profit from your referral. It is damn highly ... Now with the binaryaffiliate.com binary options affiliate program you can capitalize on this popularity and earn a healthy income by using your website mailing list, or any other marketing ... never loss 100% real strategy 3 indicator ema+ sma+wma binary option - duration: 24:10. good day trading 143,177 views Trading with binary options is also one of the least expensive ways to trade. You can generally get in for as low as five dollars.A trader can select various investment amounts as he determines ... Home Based Business Opportunities, Make Money At Home Business(Make Money Online)Best Jobs{Internet marketing}Make Money At Home Business(Make Money Online Fast)Best Jobs{Affiliate Programs} How ... Check Out This Info: https://bit.ly/3ioGsSy - Some Known Details About Binary options trading signals affiliate - Crypto Blog – Edward For those who have mor... Hello everyone!:) My name is Anastasia, but it's too hard to pronounce, that's why you may call me just ANA. I'm a pro trader for more than 2 years already a...